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MIG Welding 101 for Beginners

MIG Welding Supplies in Oklahoma City

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding is a process loved by metal craftsmen all over the world due to not only its low cost but also because it is very efficient. It uses inert or at least semi-inert gases (thus the name) like carbon dioxide to be heated and welds the metals together. To properly do accurate and safe MIG welding, you must have a power supply, and then have a wire feed unit that will ensure reliable connections, a great welding gun, a welding electrode wire and a shielding gas supply.  The wire feed unit ensures that the electrode has the proper rate of gas and power to heat the welding gun. Also, immensely important is the shielding gas, since some gases present in the atmosphere, like nitrogen and oxygen, can cause chemical reactions that will give unintended and bad side effects like a very porous result or defects in fusing the metals together.

Virtually all of the metals and alloys available in the market today can be welded with MIG. It is also much more user-friendly than the traditional stick welding since MIG welding does not need a lot of skill and experience, as compared to the stick welding. In fact, it is a bit healthier and safer for workers in the long run; the rates where fumes are exhumed by the MIG welding process is almost insignificant compared to stick welding and even Flux Colored Welding. It is also faster and more scalable since this is geared to the more automated or mechanized process.

The Disadvantages or Important Reminders to Know When Doing MIG Welding?

While MIG is simple both in theory and execution, the tools and equipment are a lot more complicated and are quite bulkier and difficult to move compared to others. Due to its focused heat, materials that are thin may get burned through. This is better to use MIG when materials are new or at least not old or contaminated; the rust or any other metal contamination may actually worsen with MIG. Lastly, please do not forget to always adjust the gas shield.

By now, you can infer one thing, for MIG welding, human skill is important but not as important as the tools that you have. That is why finding the best welding equipment suppliers at the nearest welding supply is of immense importance. For your MIG welding or other welding and crafting needs, explore our website. We are the leading provider of quality welding supplies and equipment in Oklahoma City and Cushing.

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