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First single- or three-phase power Millermatic that welds material from 22 gauge to 1/2 in thick in a single pass. Perfect for fabrication, manufacturing, maintenance and repair.
Whether welding aluminum, steel or stainless steel, improving productivity by 30, 50 or 100% and saving tens of thousands of dollars are typical results when switching to Pulsed-MIG with the Millermatic 350P.
The automotive industry is trending to aluminum frames and body panels to improve performance and fuel mileage. Welding thin gauge aluminum creates problems with warping, distortion and burn through. The new Millermatic 350P Autobody Aluminum Package makes it easy to setup, use and make quality aluminum repairs.
Automatically provides more arc power to eliminate a "cold start" that is inherent with aluminum starts.
Miller's Gun-On-Demand feature allows you to use either a standard MIG gun, a Spoolmatic 15/30A spool gun or any other Miller push-pull gun without flipping a switch. The machine senses which gun you are using when you pull the trigger.
Optimizes the size and shape of the arc cone, bead width and appearance and puddle fluidity.
The Fan-On-Demand Cooling system only operates when needed, reducing power consumption and keeping internal components cleaner.
Line Voltage Compensation keeps output of the power source constant regardless of fluctuation in input power ± 10%.

Includes: Millermatic 350P power source
Bernard® Q200 12 ft (3.7m) MIG gun with extra Centerfire™ contact tips
10 ft (3 m) Industrial power cord (without plug) for single- or three-phase
10 ft (3 m) work cable with clamp
Factory-installed gas solenoid
Argon mix regulator/flow meter
Factory-installed, low-mounted running gear/cylinder rack
.047 in (0.9/1.2 mm) U-groove drive rolls
Extra Contact tips
8-in. (203 mm), 6-lb. (2.7 kg) spool of Hobart® .047-in (1.2 mm) 5554 aluminum wire

NetHeight: 34.0000||in
NetLength: 41.0000||in
NetWeight: 181.0000||lbs
NetWidth: 19.0000||in

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